Rendy Rustam Interview with an American Idol

Allison Iraheta (born April 27, 1992) is an American singer from Los Angeles, California, who was the finalist on the eighth season of American Idol. Prior to Idol, Iraheta won the Telemundo competition Quinceañera: Mamá Quiero Ser Artista. Following the conclusion of Idol, Iraheta was signed to a record deal with 19 Entertainment and Jive Records.Her debut album Just Like You was released on December 1, 2009.

Hi Hardrockers, im Rendy Rustam well known as Idol Freak on Hardrok Radio (LOL). Im so Exciting did Interview with one of My Favourite Former “American Idol” contestant Allison Iraheta. She may be Eliminated, but she hardly will be forgotten on the Show.

The soulful teenager has appeared in other singing competitions, but her work on “Idol” has secured her career in music. As we can see now she already released her first solo Album “Just Like You”

Rendy: Hi Allison, How are you? How is Bali?

Allison: Hi Im Good Thank You. I like Bali so much and will definitely will be back next for vacation and also for my own concert (Hopefully)

Rendy: Can you tell me a little about your hair?
Allison: It was weird. Red is my favorite color. It was two years ago when they decided to do a makeover thing to me. I had long, brown highlighted hair. They just cut it short and dyed it red. Then my mom started getting used to it and slowly I started adding other colors

Rendy: Lets Talk about American Idol show, how you felt be a part of it?

Allison:  It was Amazing, I’ve been in the bottom three so many times and I was just really prepared for anything.  I’ve got to say, everyone … is prepared and when it was down to me and Danny I was like, it’s either him or me and it was me.  So I’m pretty happy that I made it that far, and I’m just glad that I got the opportunity to be on that stage.

Rendy: How did the duo selection with Adam come about?

Allison: Well we thought about doing a duet, awhile now, I think, and we were like, oh we’ve got to do one, it’s going to be fun.  ‘Slow Ride’ was on the list and we were like that sounds like fun, we should really do that.  And then he had originally told me about his friend Abrea that has done his hair for two years and I was like, hey I want to go to her, she does his hair really well!  And then she hooked me up and we totally just really had fun and it was great.  We’re even planning on doing that song on the tour.  It’s going to be fun.

Rendy: How did the guys and Judges treat you, the sole female Dark Horse?

Allison:  It was so fun, like they would pick on me, because they were having like a little argument and I’d be like, “yeah” and they’re like ‘You stay out of this, you’re only 12 years old.’  And I’m like ‘aw.’ It’s love; you know it’s so cool.  It felt like I was their little sister, and they would really stand up for me.  And the cool thing is that they would help me with like song choice and we would all help ourselves and it was great.

Rendy: The Spanish singing-will you record in it too?

Allison: Definitely.  I mean if I have the opportunity to, I definitely want to bring back what I first started doing.  I started singing in Spanish, so it would be great, actually.

Rendy: Could you talk a little about working with Slash?

Allison:  When I heard it was Slash I was like ‘Oh my gosh, Jesus, I cannot wait to meet him, he’s so awesome.’ I’ve been a fan for so long and it is insane that I got to like sing while he was playing for us.  It was such a good opportunity and he was like, I think he was like one of the best mentor’s we’ve had, hands down.  And we were just so happy he took time out of his schedule to come to the show and help us out.

Rendy: can you give Opinion on Lee DeWyze?

Allison: It made me feel better.  He’s done so much, he’s done well and if he’s done well, and he didn’t have to make it all the way to the top, it gives me a chance, hopefully.  And I hope I do as well as he does.  Yes.

Rendy: How do you process the superficial appearance comments?

Allison:  I was like come on, I’m singing here.  But I think overall they all look for what you’re going to do as a selling artist.  I know there were a lot of risks I did in dressing and all that, but I had fun with it, so I think that’s what mattered.

Rendy: What were you thinking during your last performance?

Allison:  I was crying and I was singing a song called Cry Baby.  But I really felt like — it felt so different because it was like, alright, they’re not going to judge me on this, so I’m just going to do whatever and I’m going to give it my all.  And I just really felt it and I felt — like I went up to the judges and I was singing to them, and I just felt really great about it and I felt like I was really just, this is my last time on here, so I better just give it my all and leave on a good note, hopefully.

Rendy: Anything else you’d like to share with us about your album or new projects you’re working on?

Allison: Right now just doing more promotion and gonna be touring and hitting maybe Asia pretty soon, so there’s a lot coming up and it’s coming up pretty fast as well.